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Three vs O2 Internet Speed Test Results UK

Tested via iPhone Speedtest.net App. Both connection tested on pay monthly SIM only contracts at the same locations in central London and South East London. Result are roughly the same as a year ago when I tested this before (sorry don't have the results).

Disclaimer: Visitors who use this website and rely on any information do so at their own risk. Results are for my own testing and do not represent network coverage or average speeds of the below mobile networks due to the small sample size. I am not responsible for the reliability of any of the information on the below as this was just a test with speedtest.net.







*=No connection on Three... was on train
Date Download Upload Latency Download Upload Latency
O2 O2 O2 Three UK Three UK Three UK
22/09/2012 17:19 2085 1488 199 246 551 81

22/09/2012 16:53 1751 1030 149 1100 606 96

22/09/2012 16:51 2279 1428 160 482 574 107

22/09/2012 16:43 2125 1482 178 1015 653 68

22/09/2012 16:34 3581 1097 189 667 770 55

22/09/2012 16:33 2246 1024 133 0* 0* 200

22/09/2012 16:27 2490 191 146 0* 0* 200

22/09/2012 16:01 2165 1396 89 1423 1145 55

22/09/2012 15:55 2442 1197 130 2941 802 69

22/09/2012 14:43 23 5 194 250 387 124

22/09/2012 14:43 70 43 91 550 374 97

22/09/2012 14:37 4174 1630 88 323 36 72

22/09/2012 14:00 2278 1603 116 822 772 117

22/09/2012 12:46 2152 1227 91 287 525 218

22/09/2012 12:30 3619 1597 70 1627 2795 55

22/09/2012 12:19 1266 1632 116 759 671 82

Averages 2172 1129 134 781 666 106
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One of the better music videos

So good, check the original version as well.

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facebook status
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So true

Without permission from http://loneyinfermo.com/

Click to see full picture:

superman what he think
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New Computer and Computer Move

Time for a new machine and making the old box a HTPC.

Lian Li PC-A05NB Aluminium Mini-Tower Case
Intel Core i3 550 3.20GHz
Asus P7H55D-M Evo Intel H55
Corsair XMS3 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 12800C7
Intel X25-M SSD 160GB SSD
Antec TruePower New Modular 550W PSU
Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Sound Card
Akasa AK-CCX-4001HP Nero S Cooler

The old PC went into a Lian Li PC-C33B HTPC Case. Rest is the same more or less
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Oh the pretty Lights, how they shine

. . PS: I was waiting for a call and got bored
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My Blog


this is just an empty blog. Maybe I will write something maybe not but I do not see me doing anything with this website really except use it as my hosting space.
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My Computer

So this is my current rig. Pretty much used for non-work work related things, such as multimedia, web design, Internet etc. For gaming I use my Xbox360 (add me).
• Asus P5W DH Deluxe
• Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4Ghz)
• 4GB Corsair XMS2-6400C4 DDR2
• Gigabyte ATI 4550 (passive cooled)
• Asus Xonar 2D
• Plextor Premium CDR + LiteOn LH20A1S
• 1TB Seagate 7200.11 SATA
• Crosair 520W
• Logitech G5 Mouse + Mantis Speed Mousemat
• BenQ FP241W 24? inch wide screen LCD (1080p movies are amazing)
• Coolermaster Cosmos

Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme with Nexus Real Silent Case Fan 120mm, 2x Noctua NF-S12 intake and rear exhaust case fans, I also sealed top of case with AcoustiPack Foam = dead silent PC Temps: CPU 30C idle 41C load at 21C ambient
Sound: Marantz PM7001 + AKG K271 Headphones or B&W DM-601 Speakers



Lazy / Busy

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

God I have not posted anything for ages again… oh well… I suppose that means I am not bored and am to busy to write any blogposts.

What have I been up to? Loads and nothing. Just wanted to write a post so the content changes on this page for ones so google sees some change. I suppose with facebook now it’s the primary way to keep in contact with friends.

Check out my flickr account though… loads of pictures.

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20 05 2007

Je suis back in London

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

Pardon my french skills.

Yeah so I been back in London for ahh a while now? 7 weeks now or 8?

Work is great! Learning a lot, having plenty of courses, excellent projects and a great team. A lot more busy here then in Germany but its still OK I think. Found myself some nice flatmates and moved with them into a nice flat in Clapham South. I got a massive room and I think the flat and the whole house is really nice. Thats it really… oh yeah my computer broke..muuahhhhhhhhhh pain, got myself some new hardware so all is good again but still not something I wanted.

By the way everyone I am on facebook, just add me.

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22 03 2007

Shure E4C vs E500PTH / SE530PTH

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Music

4 days ago I got my Shure E500PTH (now called SE530PTH) headphones, which is an upgrade from my Shure E4C which I have had for 2 years now. There are plenty of reviews out there for both headphones which are excellent but most reviewers do not compare a mid end model to a high end model and I thought I just give you a quick review. Also it’s normally big name sites which review high end headphones…. therefore I often find that some reviews sites are not quite objective.

Well I compared both headphones with the various song and various genres with the same attachment (triple flang cut to dual flang [small ears]). So all testing was done with the same attachments (I have plenty of these triple flang attachments) and same songs.

I listed first to the E4P then swapped and played the song again with the E500PTH, half way between the song when listening to the E500PTH and I would swapped again to the E4P just to make sure I am not imagining things.

Well fortunately I can only confirm what iLoung wrote in their E500PTH review and I have to totally agree with them. They sound better, a lot better.

“In tests across different genres of songs - rich-stringed classical and Indian music, deep-bassed rap, vocal tracks, and rock - the E500PTHs delivered exactly what we’ve been looking for: sound with detail and clarity equivalent to Etymotic’s ER-4Ps, plus added bass that is both noticeable and natural rather than boomy or otherwise exaggerated.”

I listened to Pantera, Madonna, Bjork, Metallica, John Coltrane, Mozart and Bach, NAS (hip hop) and some drum and bass.
The E4C do not manage to offer a rich warm bass which just sounds superp… and not just in Hip Hop even with Jazz and Classical music there suddenly is natural bass. The highs and mids are always superp even when listening to some extra bass heavy songs.

If you want headphones which offer you perfect sound and clarity which sounds also natural and offer bass which I have never heard before on headphones like this get these.

Great headphones, I love them.

iLounge E500PTH review

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14 03 2007

Even greener picture

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

An even better picture if I say so myself. Manual focus obviously. Click for full size.

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22 02 2007

The frog

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

does anyone know what type of frog or toad this is? (taken in frankfurt zoo)

the frog

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14 02 2007

Xbox 360 for me

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

Got my Xbox360 today, premium edition obviously (with a premium 20GB hard drive). I just did not want to wait any more and since my brother is getting one and has been saving for weeks now and selling loads of stuff on ebay I thought I annoy him and just get one. :)
Obviously I was taking the pi55 when I was talking about the premium 20GB hard drive, which I personally think should have changed to a 60GB version 6 months ago… but hey I have external hard drives and my PC sits next to the Xbox360 anyway… only slight issue I have is with the noise, but since I use headphones most of the time anyway (fully sealed AKG ones) I won’t hear it humming away (and anyone or anything else hehehe how my parents hate it).
Seriously PC gaming is coming to an end, we have some amazing games coming soon on the PC but with some amazing hardware specifications and graphics card that costs way over 300 euro a pop. Also my hand will thank me. I don’t play much but when I play at home my hand hates me… mouse at work and mouse at home is a bad ideal. And the games on the Xbox360 seem to be of better quality then PC games or similar. Developers are more and more developing for the console first and for the PC later…. I personally think a good ideal. A console for gaming and a PC for work and… well free entertainment :) . And with DX10 requiring Vista and old games running slower on Vista then XP and all the hassle Vista brings to gaming it’s a good ideal to say goodbye to PC upgrade time.

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09 02 2007


Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

Yeah bored, Nothing to do, waiting for 3 people to get back to me before I can do any other work for 3 projects… sight*. Any personally I have been very boring. Home, gf, every now and again a beer or some dinner but nothing else…. Slowly I am getting into a routine… god help me!

This morning it started snowing.. the snow changed from small snowflakes to the big fat ones and there is already a thin layer of snow on pavements etc…. lets hope it stops cause I really don’t need it. But looking at Britain today and their 5 inches of snow I am somewhat worried. I also got my new processor this weekend and my Scythe Ninja heatsink. The processor was quickly installed and I also managed to get the heatsink on without taking the motherboard out… but somehow I would have thought the heatsink would work better. My PC is pretty silent and when idle the (real) core temp is around 41C, but under full load I reach 60C (with graphics card under load). Might have to check if I did anything wrong or replace the fan with the stock one.

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Hello World…

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

Don’t know what to write or what to say since its been so bloody long since I made my last post. I haven’t been up to much I suppose. Christmas was nice and relaxing, finally managed to chill out a few days and get rid of that cold I had. New years I flew to Madrid to visit my girl and her parents, that was a nice experience and something new. Madrid I didn’t really like, maybe it was winter or the holiday season, maybe its just not my city… its not bad… and better then Frankfurt, but somehow it didn’t really do anything to me.

After new years I slowly got back into “work” which was a total drag… especially after Christmas heheeh. Other then that I had a very slow month, just chilling, spending time with my girlie and being lazy. (Oh yeah had my wisdom teeth pulled out which was a quick and painless procedure and I had that Noro Virus which as you can imagine gave, me a wonderful 5 hour toilet session).

I also tried getting a faster CPU for my computer… just a small upgrade…. I mean I didn’t get the fastest CPU available when I build my computer and after a year and still wanting to use this PC as my main rig for another year I though time to get the fastes CPU for my socket 939 motherboard… but oh no… all sold out cause AMD stopped fabricating socket 939 Athlon X2 processors and only creates socket AM2 processors. Well you know what, there are plenty of 939 users out there and there is absolutely no reason to really upgrade…. Thanks for trying to hinder me… my last AMD setup I think. Finally managed to get hold of an Athlon 64 X2 4600+ processor which I will overclock a little… should have it this weekend.


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20 12 2006

Busy few weeks

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

Fuc8 me, what an incredible relaxing and tiring 4 weeks I have had. Flew to Malaysia and had a wonderful and excellent time there and in Singapore. The food, the people, the cultures the Muar experience, the beach, the not so fit women in Malaysia and hooties in Singapore… I then flew back to Germany and on the same day flew to London for our 2 day End of GTP training…. Training was ok but the party Tuesday evening was great…. man did I get plastered and the photos are bad hehehe. We (the other germany grads) flew back Wednesday morning and some took the rest of the day off…. saw my girlfriend the first time after 2 weeks and went tired as one can be to work on Thursday. Had a nice weekend but felt somewhat weird Sunday evening…. Monday went to work but left again at 1pm cause I felt sick… couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with me but something was not right…. Well Monday evening I suddenly had a fewer and behold I slept 3 hours that night the rest of the night turning, sweating like a pig and falling asleep only to have some vivid weird dreams. Had to wake up at 5.30 am to go to the airport to fly again to London for Network training…. oh man what a mistake. Arrived at the hotel and took a quick power nap at the hotel which didn’t really help… felt like shit all day long and I can’t believe I managed to stay awake and concentrate during the 6 hours of training. Went to the hotel at 6pm got some food which I didn’t really eat and tried to sleep… again a sweaty sleepless night. Wednesday morning I decided not to go to training and try to catch some sleep which luckily did happen for 3 hours…. During lunch time I went to training. God some strong medicine and managed to sleep Wednesday night. Now its Thursday… my birthday and I feel better… no more fever and not super weak.. but have a cough now…. Ggrrrr but I am in a taxi now to London city hoping I will arrive on time cause the traffic is so bloody bad. God I can not wait to get home and catch some sleep…. And sleep in my own bed… and tomorrow I decided to go to the doctor just to get myself checked out and get some medicine and rest for 3 days. So in the last 4 weeks I flew. 8 times Stayed in 8 different beds. Took a taxi a million times in malaysia and london

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17 11 2006


Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

I will be there from tomorrow for 2 weeks.
“Malaysia is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free countries to visit in southeast Asia. It’s buoyant and wealthy, and has moved towards a pluralist culture based on a vibrant and interesting fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures and customs.
Malaysia’s love of Western-style industrialisation is abundantly clear in its big cities. Aside from the gleaming glass towers of the 21st Century, though, Malaysia boasts some of the most superb beaches, mountains and national parks in Asia.“

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11 11 2006

The cat that was fat

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

Man did I have a great weekend in London. Friday night I went to fabric and saw some of the “Soulwax” line-up. It was fantastic… live (with drums, DJ, singer, keyboard, synthesisers) and it totally blew the dance floor away… it was diverse, upbeat, tempo changes, great earth shattering base (maybe also helped by Fabric’s: Known as a “bodysonic” dancefloor, sections of the floors are attached to 400 bass transducers emitting bass frequencies of the music being played, allowing clubbers to feel the music through bass frequencies transmitted into their skeletons via their feet. system).

The DJ’s which mixed and played afterwards where also amazing… seriously I have gone clubbing a lot and I have heard some fantastic music but that was just one lever up.

Saturday did the touristy things with a friend who is now living in Norwich (studying 1 year in the UK) which was also great, good to see and smell London. Saw my friends, checked out Simon’s new flat etc. …. and Sunday… :) oh god Sunday I saw “Walls of Jericho”. Talk about the best hardcore gig I have ever seen…. seriously I don’t know what it is about The Peel but the atmosphere was amazing, everyone was so happy and up beat it was scary… music was great and the performance which was greatly helped by everyone on the dance floor made this a not so easily forgettable experience.

In other news… going to Malaysia next Saturday :) yeah….
and work…. busy… a lot to do very interesting and learning a lot and getting a lot more responsibility.


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01 11 2006

Hey busy me

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

mhhh sorry long time no post. I been busy, busy at work, busy going out, busy meeting new people… guys and well plenty of girls :)
work is really busy got plenty of cool on my own kinda projects now and I am still learning new stuff.

Social life is great, meet some wonderful new people and a very nice woman :)
And this weekend I am going to London, finally gonna see some of my uni mates and some friends, especially my darling M which I am going to a gig with on Sunday at The Peel in Kingston… hahah she always said she wanted to go to a gig so I thought I am taking her to the real deal.

Cant wait for friday….

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21 10 2006

Granade Kitty

Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

If there was ever a amazing ytmnd it is this one:


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10 10 2006


Posted by: GermanJulian, in Personal

This week I have training…. oh the fun, all about Juniper Firewall / IPSec VPN stuff we use at work. God my brain was about to exploded when I left today, but it will only get worse :) … never learned so much interesting stuff so quickly.
Its good to know that nobody without any training or good network knowledge will have a clue how to use the devices or every understand how something like this works… it makes you feel a bit superior to any other user :) .
Not that it is a bad product, but just from understanding all the networking stuff alone required to know how the device works and what it can do and does is just immense.

****** 13159.0:
packet received [60]******
ipid = 50583(c597), @02312c30
packet passed sanity check.
flow_first_sanity_check: in

, out
chose interface trust as incoming nat if.
flow_first_routing: in , out
search route to (trust,> in vr trust-vr for vsd-0/flag-0/ifp-null
[ Dest] 5.route>, to untrust
routed (x_dst_ip from trust (trust in 0) to untrust
policy search from zone 2-> zone 1
No SW RPC rule match, search HW rule
packet dropped, denied by policy

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Omnia vincit Amor

So I went to Cocoon yesterday. A friend of mine from Tokyo told me on of her friends is working in Frankfurt for 3 months and asked if I could go out with her seeming that she is new. So I decided that it would be a great opportunity to check out Frankfurt’s mega club the Cocoon. So me, her and a friend of mine went.

First of all it’s the most amazingly designed club I have ever seen, it’s just so fluid and funky and the light shows and architecture is amazing. Music wise you cannot complain either, it’s a techno club… very fluid music and not hard. Basically dance or house music everyone will like and move to. We danced a good few hours and I got home at 4 o’clock in the morning. Fun night.

On other news… Windows XP dual booting on Intel Mac’s: very cool. M said it would be very very difficult to do and nearly impossible due to the hardware, I just laughed and said wait 2 months since I knew it wouldn’t take very long for it to be done… I was right!

Other then that things are ok, work is picking up and I should be very busy next week since a college of mine is on holiday for 2 weeks and I will propably do all his work…

Other then that.. all I can say is: “Omnia vincit Amor; et nos cedamus Amori.“amor

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New York Holiday

So, how was my holiday in NY you wonder?

Simply put brilliant. First of all a big thanks and hug to my darling C and sweetheart M. They both took care of me, made me feel wanted, nourished me, let me stay at their flats and took time to show me the city and have fun with me. Some people take this for granted and I would obviously return the favour since they are great friends but I just want to give a big thanks to you two. Kisses … hug… muuuaahhh sweet… (sorry everybody else).

NY is a nice city… well no Manhattan is. What I saw of the rest of NY looks dirty and run down and you can feel the financial and cultural divide between the rest of NY and Manhattan, even though Manhattan has some “worse” areas itself.

Manhattan in itself is pretty clean, transportation is better then London for sure. Shops and things to do are everywhere and well spread out across the city with a very high density which I am still amazed at. Sure a lot of people live in Manhattan but who needs that many dinners and food places… I was pleasantly surprised though that I didn’t gain any weight in 1 week ahahaa thank you exercising.

What did I do… well all the tourist attractions obviously which where all very good, was pleasantly surprised by the art museums which had amazing artwork by the “Greats”, which means all the modern artists from the 19th and 20th century for me. Also went to a little but very good indie rock gig to break M gig virginity which was fun even though I didn’t feel very good that night.

Other then that nothing special… I mean the whole trip was special but nothing I will write about.

However, I can’t wait to visit again soon.

Me with Stealth Bomber

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Its been a while

Sorry, just been very busy and lazy. Plus I didn’t like how my Blog looked…. so I changed it and hope the new look is appreciated.

Anyway I been up to no good, went to NY and had a wicked time. I will write about it in more detail soon.

From a previous post you might remember that I booked a gig for my NY trip and saw Between the Buried and Me, Everytime I Die, Haste The Day and Bleeding Through!

Lets just say it was amazing! The music was great and the atmosphere was even better. Nice hardcore mosh pit just as brutal and fun as in London….

Hurt my arm

I post something tomorrow or so about my experience in NY and all the fun I had.

I promise I will write more like my darling M which always keeps everyone updated.

PS: What really annoyed me recently is the Skype 10 way calling being disabled for AMD dual core CPUs and not for Intel dual core CPUs…. “due to performance” which is obviously bull. I left a nice comment though.

4 commentsMarch 14th, 2006

Wasup World

not much here… being ill…. much better today but decided to rest one more day so didn’t go to work again. Woke up this morning and we had such amazing frost tonight:


So had my graduation ceremony in London, saw my mates from uni (or some cause some didn’t bother coming down). Loads and loads of ex girlfriends who all wanted me badly cause I wear suits and look sooooo sexy…

What else… oh yeah bought a new computer cause … well… cause mine was slow and old and I hate waiting for Photoshop taking ages to resize something and it plays games sooooo much better.

As you can tell I cannot be asked to write!

Just look at my photo album.


GermanJulian rules


2 commentsFebruary 2nd, 2006

Hey Hey Hey

Sorry have not posted much,

so what have I been up to? A lot, been working on quite a few projects now at work which are fun and I do enjoy. This week we had a lot of late meeting in regards to the grad program so I got home late a lot. Been doing a lot of work out and went to a Yoga class as well… and dam its a lot harder then I thought it would be, defiantly beneficiary to my body.

Other then that I went out a bit as well, nothing big, but gotta say Germany is really not the party country, and especially I found the Germans being rather YAWN and shy etc. Sucks… don’t like it.

Saw Jarhead and yes it was the movie I expected it to be and it does get 7 out of 10 from me :).

I booked my flight to NY and I will see an amazing gig there: Between the Buried and Me, Everytime I Die, Haste The Day and Bleeding Through. Let the fight begin is all I can say. Will also be great to see my friends in NY.. yeah yeah.. and see NY and eat steak :)

Haste the Day:

Haste the Day

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My arm is dead

Oh I don’t know what happened. I was sleeping and woke up, my arm was hurting and my whole arm had fallen asleep. I could hardly move it and had to force myself to do some arm movement to get it working again. Somehow I must have sleept on it. Well 6 hours later (5 more sleep 1 our awake) its still buggered…

great nights sleep.. NOT :(

New Years Resolution and Stuff

Well these are my New Year resolutions, thought I might write them down otherwise I won’t do them again and forget about them. My hopes and wishes for this year are also included.

Do more exercise (already started and feeling the benefits)
Spend less time in front of the PC at home (means go out more and meet people in Germany)
Be more productive at work (yeah more time in front of PC)

Things I hope and wish for in 2006:

The Middle East gets cleaned up
They finally decide on an alternative energy source and start investing to the small scientist who have wicked energy alternatives but get no investment
People chill out more
Less selfish people in the world
Friends you can rely on and talk to you

and get a hamster like this one:

Funny Hamster pic

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Our new Rig

yes thats right another PC in the house.. 4 machines now… I think we need our own power plant when I get my main rig replaced :)

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Kingston ValueRAM DIMM 2 GB Kit (DDR400)
Fortron FSP-60THNP 400 Watt (150 Watt Combined)
Seagate ST3160827AS (160 gb)
Thermaltake Mambo Case
HIS Excalibur Radeon X800GTO IceQ2 Turbo
Asus A8N-E
Thermaltake Big Typhoon Cooler

took 2 hours to build and worked from the first power on like a dream.
new pc

PS: Tomorrow an engineer is comming to fix our line … yeah right.. but I have some hope that my internet will work some time soon again
EDIT: He came, downgraded line to 3MB and its working again… I could have fixed it in 2 minutes and told them straight away to downgrade the line but hey… the guy had to come, call somebody and tell them to downgrade the line to 3MB.

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iPod 3 weeks old

yeah its 3 weeks old now. Great mp3 player! However switch of album art, it has so many disadvantages:

Slows down browsing
Drains battery
Loading and skipping songs take longer

Other then that I have not found any real issues with the iPod. And a nice pictures cause I love you guys:
Ipod vs X5

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Back from Holiday


My net connection is still not working properly, I disconnect every 20 minutes or so. I don’t understand how a good line can suddenly go bad.

Anyway, I spend Christmas at my grandparents where my auntie and uncle and my cousins life near the Harz mountain range in Germany. Very big house/farm. I ate about as much in 4 days as I would normally eat in a week, took a lot of walks in the country side, build a snowman, went sledge riding and fell badly (going to fast over bumps) and played a lot with my 1 year old cousin.

Driving home on Tuesday was also very interesting, it snowed a lot and even though most parts of the motorway where clear of snow there where some parts with some snow… very slow driving and sliding. In town it was worse, let’s just says power sliding everywhere is not what I would consider fun especially when you slide and can’t control it enough in snow. I am sure my dad will get winter tyres for ones in his life since it does seem to snow more frequently all of a sudden. Also on the motorway we where overtaking a truck and suddenly some big block of ice flew of the trucks carriage from the roof and smacked right into the windscreen where I was sitting. I remember ducking behind the steering wheel keeping on driving (like the good driver does) and hearing a massive bang… luckily the windshield didn’t break, however the truck drive did notice and we parked at the next motorway stopped. Another car also parked and he was also hit by a block of ice, his windscreen was broken though. Quite lucky really.

Took some cool photos:

1 commentDecember 27th, 2005

Cool Anitmated Video

Here is one cool animated video.
Not work safe due to advertisments on the site:

Merry Xmas too everyone

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Animal Park Hanau

Went to the animal park in Hanau today. Just to take a little walk, took some pics of some of the animals. Some photos turned out bad but most where OK, pretty dark here in Germany.
My animal pictures….. no sheep though, sorry Simon.


Another week in Germany

Blah blah,
its been a slow week. Ok it has not really been a slow week as such but considering the last few weeks it felt slower.
What have I been up too… mhhh I have been watching Lost this week now since I got the Season 1 box-set. Very impressive series right up there with 24, but obviously it misses the Jack Bauer cool factor.
I also got my new digital camera, a Sony DSC-P200. Finally a camera which fits my needs (and they are hard to fulfill). Its not overpized and very good, the only problems with it are night shoots indoors apperantly, but I have not heard of a digital proconsumer camer which manages this. Overall I am very happy, only problem is that I have not made enough pictures yet.
Work has been cool this week I have been programming a PHP website which interacts with an Access DB, looking over my team mates shoulder and checking out the script which pulls huge Excel sheets data into our Access DB. Other then that didn’t do much at work, kinda slow and half the team is ill and you could feel the christmas laziness coming up.
It was also my birthday on Wednesday, yeah a whopping 23 years old. I can feel my age now, my bones are weak, I feel weak etc. Nah, all the same, mind you I wish I could have done a good old pub crawl through the city and getting wasted. Maybe next year.
Oh its snowed a little tonight again, just a thing layer but hey it looks nice, might go trick kite flying now.

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Dude.. Finding Nemo

I’m H2O intolerant. Seriously.. I don’t wash ever :)
Don’t ask why I am posting this. I just have too.



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My new iPod

Well I finally got it last week and now going to post about it. I am no big fan of Apple but their new player with the “finally” improved sound quality (older generations had massive bass response problems), cheap price and video capability I decided to jump to the iPod bandwagon. Overall I am very happy. I got the 60GB version and nearly filled it completely with music… but left some space for videos :). Sound quality is excellent but the bass is still not as amazing as the Shuffle. However I don’t know of any mp3 player who is and doesn’t use an external amp. As you might see on the picture I decided to get the theinvisibleshield.com cover for the player, which is a thin plastic foil which makes the player scratch proof. The material is very robust, it was made to protect helicopter blades so you can put your player in your pocket without scratches it after 1 minute.
Sorry that the pic is so bad, my camera is old… going to get a new one next year.
My Ipod
Headphones: Shure E4c.. and yes I know they cost as much as a the 30GB iPod but they are amazing.

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Astonishing music video animated with watercolours

This is amazing, great song and one amazing video:


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What really makes me angry

Flamers on forums.. people who argue with you and have no ideal what they are talking about and who talk out of their ass. It pisses me off. They are some nerdy wannabes consumer whores who have no ideal about anything and try winning an argument. I wrote in a HIFI forum about the apple G5 ipod vs another mp3 player which is also very good on how they compare and what we like etc. It’s a HIFI forum so the most important thing is sound quality etc. Somebody basically asked to compare two mp3 player and I wrote 1 post after I got my G5 Ipod and said how it sounds and then I posted it stating why I got this player rather then the other option I was considering too cause somebody is making a hard choice right now. Read here how I beat the flamer and slapped his ass:

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Site Update 2

Ok pretty much done. Need to get a Logo design from somewhere or learn photoshop :).

This took far longer then I though. So much to tell you but so late again… need to sleep.

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Site Update

I am currently updating my site layout, adding flickr images etc.
as you can see some bugs remain…..but I need to go to bed :)
so no emails that stuff doesnt work!

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Wohh woke up friday morning and we had about 6cm of snow (3 inches). Well first thing I did that morining was to clear the pavement of snow with a ahh snow shovel (I hope thats what you call it). Man thank god I bought a nice Nort Face jacket last week so I am not freezing any of my body parts of.

Also this is my desk at work:
desk at work

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4 Week in Germany

So I been back in Germany for 4 weeks now. Work is still the same, fun but not enough work and not challenging enough… this week I will talk to my manager though since he was in New York the whole of last week. Other then that it has been quite. I did meet 2 local girls which are fun and seem to like me too, so hopefully next week we will do something again. Other then that I been kite flying, chilling and listening to music and sorting my brother computer out again (virus). Living with you parents can be quiet stressful I might add… but it has it advantages.
God remind me to work out more.. cause I just seem to not have the time when I get home.

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New Kite, Benson Deep Space

I got a new kite the other day, a Benson Deep Space.
Took a test flight (last) Sunday at my new local kite field and gotta say what a brilliant kite. The design is nice, the build quality is superb and the flight characteristic are similar somehow the the Gemini, obviously it tricks a bit easier and does some tricks far easier. Since I am still what I would consider a beginner I let Hans (don’t laugh at German names) fly it. Well he is what I would call a very good pilot and managed to pull of most tricks rather easily, even though he is used to his Nirvana. The roll bars are amazing, however he would like some more precision. He did mention a few modifications he would like to try but obviously he would need his own kite :).
I am very happy here when it comes to kiting, oddly enough in SW London in Richmond park there was zero trick kite flyers, but here in my local town we have 3 or 4 people and 1 very good flyer (Hans) who are very willing to teach me and give me input. I think I will actually improve now thanks to the help of my colleges… thank god I don’t have to fly alone any more.

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Razer Mantis and Everglide Titan Mousepad review

Today I will review two new products, comprising an essentially new type of mousepad, the Razer Mantis Speed and the Everglide Titan mouse surfaces/cloths. Both companies, Razer and Everglide, have a long history of creating great, if not the best mouse pads and mice.
Both products were released this month and I was surprised to hear that both are made out of a fabric and not some type of plastic, alloy, metal or glass.

For the full review click here:

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Back from London at Work

So lazy so I haven’t written anything again for ages.
So I started work now and I have been in germany for over 10 days. So far so good.
First of all work is good, I haven’t started really yet but work is coming and in the works and I should be doing stuff soon, I really don’t understand why my manager didn’t plan out anything before I came but he seems to be a very busy man. Mhh oh yeah what does my team do… kinda everything which has to do with Windows. We have 1 guy here which does 3rd level support for Windows. One guy does Printing, which means printers, server, protocols, standards etc. big job. Two people do testing for Windows Software installations (rollout checking if the stuff actually installs) and my boss does everything it seems which has to do with Windows, even though our group isn’t Wintel!? Bit odd I think, one of those teams which can’t be categorised easily. Everything is setup for me to work and I have my 3rd level support guy who can pretty much do everything. I got a brand new Dell machine with 3Ghz, 2GB RAM and 19″ TFT monitor.

Other then that I installed my new graphics and sound card, a Radeon X800XL and X-Fi Music respectively. Well what a difference both made, games run at higher resolution and much better graphics, and the sound in games has improved dramatically when it came to Battlefield 2 with EAX on and high sound quality… have you ever heard the waves on the beach or the birds chirping? No? get an X-Fi its so worth it. Oh that brings me on the topic of Quake 4… God Dam what an amazing game… I don’t understand why some review sites didn’t give it a great review, by far the best single player FPS this year, and most people agree.

Other then that I haven’t done much but chill this weekend which was a nice change for ones. I also realized I need to start all over again with my exercise routine and eating healthy after the 1 month of not caring in Germany and 2 months in London … dam…
Will upload some photos, check the gallery section…

PS: if you feel a photo should be removed dont bother asking …

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Thursday at Fabric!!

Man a night or Drum&Base at Fabric. Fabric is a nightclub in London, my favourite one acctually, crazy people, nice people, loads of girls, not to expensive and great music.

: Roni Size, Andy C & DJ Hype (B2B), Dillinja & Lemon D (B2B), Grooverider & Fabio (B2B), Nicky Blackmarket, Dynamite MC, MC Rage & 2SHY, DJ Fresh, Peshay, Ray Keith, Jenna G (Live), Randall, MAXIMUS, MC GQ, MC FOXY, IC3, Joe Ransom, Mr Thing, DJ Blakey (UK DMC Champion)
Venue: Fabric
77a Charterhouse Street
London, EC1M3HN

I let you know how I feel Friday morning :)

I feel tired… very tired… but was worth it :)

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Still in London

God, yes I am still in London. I am living right next to Tottenham Court Road in a really nice flat. I been doing my training course which is fun, hard, easy, and boring all at ones. Been going out way way way to much :) and partying hard. I wish I could do this forever but I am going home soon :( oh well looking forward to acctually working now.

Meet some really interesting people here.
Oh been using Linux for 7 weeks now and I think it sucks as a GUI OS, thinking about writting an article about it ones I am back and have time again (using KDE).

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I be away for 8 weeks

As you can see from my previous post I will be starting a training course next week which will mean I will be offline most of the time since I don’t have a laptop.

Oh well :)

I hope all goes well, looking forward to see my old friends again.

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I GOT A JOB!!!!!

not to rub it in but…….

God I have such luck sometimes. I send a blind application to a large Bank (to the Human Resources department) and after 4 weeks I thought they are not interested and have no jobs but I got a call last week for an interview in their Technology Department (huge) and if I can come tomorrow since its urgent… anyway good interview and another interview later today I was
offered a job straight away! They lost 1 person from their training program and they needed 1 person more so I had some huge luck that i send my application in 4 weeks ago.
Well it’s a 16 month training program (voted best program 2004 in the IT sector) and after that I will get a job. I will start in September in London for 8 weeks (full on training) and then I will be working for several months here in Germany at their Technology and Operations HQ and then decide which final training program I will do.

I will be doing things like windows server admin, networking, databases, etc. but its more a management job since contractors are
employed to do all the boring stuff.

Basically it’s a amazing job with huge prospects, well paid etc.
For the 8 weeks in London I will get a Bank apartment hahhaah it will be sweat!!


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Taking my Nokia 7610 appart

I have been having some troubles again with my keys on my Nokia 7610. Button 0 and 9 don’t always work when I press them, when I press straight down on the key, Continue Reading…

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Fun Fun Fun, racing on your PC

I gotta say buying the Logitech MOMO Steering wheel was really worth it. Every review I read did say it is the best wheel you can buy and I cannot agree more, this is the 3rd wheel I have tried/owned and it is a lot better then any other.
The feel when you hold it really makes you think your holding a sports car steering wheel, which is obviously the whole point since it was designed by the Italian Motorsports Company Momo. The fore feedback is also spot on with a few little adjustments depending on the games and your own preference and I cannot complain about the pedals either.

The games I am currently playing are Richard Burns Rally and GTR (FIA GT Racing Game by Simbin).

Richard Burns Rally
What can I say about this game, there is only one rally game out there which is a simulator and it is Richard Burns Rally, the people who think any of the Colin McRae Rally games are simulators need to drive this or get out there and actually drive a car on some gravel, Colin McRae is a fun game which I really enjoy but dam the car handling and physics is awful.
RBR on the other hand takes the physics modelling and the simulation as far as it goes, the game is hard, very very hard, do not think you can hit the accelerator or brakes with full tilt (is that correct?), not possible with a 300 horse power car on gravel, you will loose control. It has taken me a good 4 days to get a feel for the car and how to handle the dam think on gravel and throw it around corners without crashing into some tree.
I have never played a game which frustrated and enjoyed me as much at this game, and believe me it feels with the steering wheel as if you really are driving a car on some british track in the countryside. I also installed some modified pacenotes and sound files and slightly different more realistic physics which have greatly added to the real rally feel. Get this game if you want a challenging racing simulator.

A little gem of a game which is not so well know. It is a fully licensed GT Racing simulator, and by simulator I mean simulator, all cars and tracks of the GT racing season, original sounds of all cars (dam it sounds dam sweet) and up to 30 cars on the track, pure racing joy. There are 3 modes, each with different “simulation” levels and I found the arcade to be to easy and the “simulation” level way to realistic… :) (that means to hard).
But the medium difficulty with some help options switched on is really fun and still very challenging… really like this game but haven’t given it enough time yet.. :(

Oh well I think its time to do some racing now. If your interesting in the world of Sim Racing check out Blackhole Motorsports it is THE website for racing games and has a nice forum with a lot of driving mad people, oh and before you try any of these get a wheel.

Richard Burns Rally
Richard Burns Rally

A poem about Love

When we see each other again will it be this cold? tired from the week and unscheduled events i hope i understand. wide awake, my eyelashes desperately flutter to let myself fall back into what she had woven so well. sealed lungs shut with your open mouth to my spine. early morning to make it through this haze, beautiful memories now only haunt me. things like this never last. wasted time rearranging what i was trying to omit, leaving the saliva scented ruin upon my wrists. so young, wasting this tired life on endless thoughts and endless nights, and i end up nothing to you, not a fucking thing and i am fucked up again. (i was nothing to you.) i guess the talents will always outweigh the flowing constant streaming so perfectly through, trying to erase the now for then. i have dreamt every night of being on that train with you, but i won’t be on that train tonight. i’m not at your convience.


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Playing with Foobar2000

I was bored a bit the other day and decided I finally configure Foobar2000 the way I want it and get some cool features for it I never had.
First of all I got rid of my old Foobar2000 install (special installer) to get the light version so I don’t have to many components (plugin) which I don’t need to keep the size down. I then installed the components I need:

foo_msn: To display my currently playing song in Msn Messenger
foo_ui_columns: The alternative display plugin which has a lot of features and can be customized
foo_freedb: To tag tracks automatically which have wrong or no tag information (like song name, artists etc.)
foo_vis_simple_spectrum: A simple but good spectrum for ui_columns
foo_uie_albumart: A plugin to show the album art in a particular folder (done with a jpg, or png file)
foo_uie_trackinfo: Plugin which can display various information about the currently playing track

I then configured and played and downloaded some themes and scripts for 3 to 4 hours till I had everything the way I wanted. One problem I had was that most of my albums don’t have any album so I had to download a program called Album Cover Art Downloader which tries to guess the artist and album name from the folder and tag information and download the album cover from amazon.com. To my surprise this actually worked quite well but I suppose about 60% of my music collection still doesn’t have any album cover yet…. must be all that metal I listen to which you can’t buy on amazon :) .
This is how Foobar2000 looks now:
My Foobar config

And I do listen to everything… as you can see from my playlists… god to much music.

Foobar 2000 Offical Site
Foobar 2000 Forum

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University Degree Results OUT!!!

I got a 2.1 jajajaaja :grin: :mrgreen:

thats the 2nd best grade you can get when doing a Bsc Hons Computer Science degree :grin:

Ahhh I am so happy.. but still I wanna see it on paper which will take a few days knowing the postman.

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The new Firefox tag line

This is to good not to also post on my site… plus google will link to Blake Ross more and his post truly deserves it.

FROM: http://blakeross.com/index.php?p=152
If you put my grandfather in a room with God and gave him one question, he would not ask for the meaning of life. He would not inquire as to the existence of poverty or the vagaries of human nature. No, he would ask, and I quoth: Do you use Firefox? My grandfather, an avid watcher of our SpreadFirefox counter, claims to have personally converted the 4 million people in his “inner circle,” or what we call “Florida.” God would make 4 million and one.

So when I returned from the airport bathroom two weeks ago, I was hardly surprised to find him (my grandfather, not God) engaging the head Rabbi of Israel in a delightful conversation about Firefox. We knew it was the head Rabbi because moments earlier the man had been shepherded into the Admirals Club by six (6) police officers, and my grandfather asked one of the cops…if he used Firefox. Then he asked the cop who the man was.

I returned from the bathroom just in time to hear my grandfather say: “I use Firefox religiously. Have you heard of it?”

Religiously. To the head Rabbi of Israel. Wince. Wince. Wince. Cut to me stuffing my head between my knees, wondering if my grandfather and a Rabbi were going to get in a fistfight, pondering whose side the six cops were going to take, then wondering if my grandfather would evangelize Firefox to his fellow prisoners.

“Firefox?” The Rabbi stops and thinks for a minute, rubbing his beard. “Ah yes! The one that blocks all the schmutz.”

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Site is nearly done

Well the Site is finished now apart from a bit more content and me modifying the style sheet a bit to my liking and adding some sort of header or something… don’t know yet it’s a bit plain and the style sheets I am using now look hard… gotta learn my CSS.
Oh I am using lazy-gallery for my Gallery but modified it slight to it is possible to have a page link in the normal navigation bar to the page and not just a full HTML link.

Today I worked again…. I think I slept all day at work mostly haha… obviously I was working but its just like my brain switches itself off. Other then that I am obviously knackered again.. Oh I got paid too.. 405 Euros = 67hours work in 6 days… dam as I said I get there at 7am and leave 7.30 pm and half an hour break in between.. don’t know how the people who work there full time do it!!??


Greetings (felt like saying that)

Anyway.. keep and eye on the gallery will upload some photos t/m.

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New Site new Design new everything

Well after just having trouble with MSN blogs, hotmail etc…. I decided it was time to update my website and make this a blog+website blah blah…

loads of changes, updates etc. to come

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